Friday, August 04, 2006

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Ai Mei Wong :

Does God have anything to say at all about trashing the planet and spilling human toxic waste

Miwako Ichikawa :

yep-He said He put it here for us to use. We will not run out of earth before we run out of time (luck for some). He did tell we should be good stewards.

Nancy La Scala :

He probably would, but would anyone listen? I doubt it.

Wendy Winders :

approx 250 species become extinct DAILY. the earth is 4.5 billion years old. in comparison, humans have been here for about the blink of an eye in geologic time. We are a species that will become just as extinct as any other. We do NOT have exclusive rights to walk the earth. if god made all creatures, then why should humans get special treatment? Don't worry about what humans have done to the planet. when the planet has had enough of us, it will shake us off like a bad case of fleas.

Liz Crawford :

just ask jesus

Katharina Schubert :

God gave us the earth, what we do with it is our problem.

Vicki Darnell :

Why don't you ask Al Gore? He knows everything after all he invented the Internet.

Leonor Varela :

God would have quite a bit to say about that.

Sylke Hannasky :

In Genesis 1:22-30, it is stated that God has given the Earth to humanity. He gave it to us to care for and be stewards of, not to destroy. It also says that what God made was good, so He obviously would not want it to be ruined.

Barbara Eden :

It is also mentioned in Genesis 9:1-3, and in Daniel 2:38 that He has entrusted the Earth to humans.

Miriam Morgenstern :

At some other point in the Bible, it says that people who are cruel to animals are sinners. In my mind, causing animals to become extinct is, indeed, cruelty.

Mimi Rogers :

He created this earth , I am sure he has his feelings on the subject.

Veronica Logan :

I'm sur that Jesus would disaprove of a lot of things that we do.however he does understand us beyond our capacity (and spelling) He is forgiving and he knows that humans are only that!

Suzan Spann :

Yeah do. When I get big enough I am going to introduce myself in church, beat the hell out of everybody and then demand Crucifixion so I can raise myself from the dead and live in secret away from the ignorance the western culture demands.

Maureen OHara :

After I raise myself from the dead I will have a massive following of people that will worship me and then we will grow humongous amounts of Hemp and fuel the western civilizations with hemp oil and create a green world with all the photosynthesis.

Judy Buxton :

All of my children will design the products that are used everyday and solar power and reusable resources will become mainstay. Then we will gather all the Nazi's into wired pens and poke and burn them for calling us Jews.

Neide Ribeiro :

Maybe not the Nazi part, I just hate Nazis.

Michael Jackson Mp3

Francesca Ciardi :

why do christians say rock is the devils music

Ewa Telega :


Summer Cummings :

because christians are minions of satan.

Maite Maille :

Cause there a bunch of Hippocrates losers

Kathy Baker :

Beats me... they been saying that since Elvis.

Anna Sozzani :

Don't let it mess you up. Rock on.

Amelie Heinen :

the major difference between christian rock groups and other rock groups often are found in the lyrics they sing. They could still have the edgy heavy metal beat, but Christians are usually praising god thru their music while the others are often singing about sex, committing suicide, rape, and violence.

Jacqueline McKenzie :

I don't know if they say it's devils music or not, but i like your idea. There are so many inconsistencies in their logic, we might as well make some stuff up too!

Carrick Glenn :

Because rock music holds all the incredible sins of the world that Christianity is against.

Esther Hanuka :

Christian rock groups on the other hand play cheesy rock music that talk about God and what you would say 'good stuff.'

Arielle Kebbel :

it aint evils its all Gods!, except when the music is sung and played about or by evil, that is when the music becomes evil.

Fabiana Udenio :

but the music, instruments , tunes beats and scales, sounds and rythms are all Gods, praise Him for all things!

Christine Boisson :

ask Jesus into your life and be born again by the power of the Gospel (an actual real life event in your real life) if you do this in a prayer sincerely God will answer you!

Jennifer MacDonald :

I don't think rock is bad. I like regular rock music waaaaay more than Christian rock.

Karin Thaler :

I think some Christians believe rock music is bad becuase it often has a reputation for having foul words, talking about drug, etc. But I consider rap music to be way dirtier than rock music. It really just depends on the song, I guess.

Nadia Bjorlin :

Alot of Christians believe that not only is all secular music evil, all music that doesn't fall under traditional gospel is evil. This even includes contemporary Christian rock, pop, and rap artists. Unfortunately, hardcore fundamentalist Christians give all Christians the stereotype of being intolerant and judgemental. But when it comes to rock music in general, I believe that "shock rockers" were the ones that really got the fundamentalists going ... Ozzy, Alice, Kiss, etc ... but I believe it was going on even before then. People disapproved of the way that Elvis shook his hips. Go figure.

Joey Lauren Adams :

there is christian p0rn, read the bible its full of sex, just not kinky sex

Isabel Russinova :

Most Christians are nut cases. It's a paranoia problem.

Brenda Vaccaro :

Not all rock groups are satanic or devils music. Some select ones are.

Charlotte Ayanna :

So they only warn you of those select ones. Cuz they really have bad lyrics... like encouraging suicide and all.

Sia Trokenheim :

Music is like a knife. Some people use it to cook, some use it to kill. So I guess they can use rock for good, some for evil. It depends on the motive.

Paloma Baeza :

I am a christian devil worshiper. Honestly, if you look at all the major religions and how they got their starts, they are all just huge cults that grew throughout the centuries through war and manipulation. None of the religions have it right. Think about it, if Jesus came back today (not saying the son of God, but the man known as Jesus that did exist at some point in time, but I don't believe he was the son of God, but if the Christians are right he is.) no one would believe he was the son of god because we are smarter now than we were back then, there are many ways he could have performed his "Miracles" The Bible was written by man and is thus fallible, would the writers of the bible really write about any "miracles" that failed to work? Or healings that didn't work, etc...

Dominique Sanda :

So really, to answer your question, most Christians that say Rock is the Devils music are just fundamentalist kooks and you shouldn't be listening to cult members anyways.

Mai Goto :

bcuz' some r like devil worshippers

Ai Mei Wong :

Just because someone places christian in front of something does not make it holy.

Valerie Niehaus :

Remember, if the particular thing that has the word christian in front of it should do the following - glorify God and not man. If it glorifies God then it can be considered a a God thing. If man is glorified like - The Trump Tower then it is not of God but by the hand of man.

Annie Friedman :

The other thing is that if the classification of christian is placed in front of porn then we have to go directly to scripture and see if God agrees with that. If it is immoral and does not follow Gods laws that are set down then it is not of God and as a result is of man.

Julia Parton :

As a christian and a guitarist i don't say that rock music is of the devil,but i know that the devil can use it to harm,ie suicide ,drugs.How come we are always labelled as hypocrits,we just want to see you guys in heaven ,.

Rochelle Swanson :

that all started with the sadistic hypocrite "saint" Augustine after he fathered several illegitimate children, and then John Calvin and Martin Luther jumped on the guilt complex band wagon, because they are evil killjoys who are so miserable they want everybody else to be miserable too, putting the word christian in front of rock just warns the rest of us that it's really dorky

Louise Pajo :

It's the beat! You can thank Elvis for bringing the beat to white America. Fifty years ago, you couldn't tap your toes without being shunned.

Romi Koch :

Something similar happened in Islam, when Muslims heard a radio for the first time. But when they began to broadcast their prayers over the air, it was accepted.

Jaclyn Smith :

I don't think your arguement is with Christ. Conservatism is the problem.

Michelle Clunie :

Let me start off by qualifying that a "Christian" is usually defines as someone who believes that Jesus is the Son of God and that He sacrificed Himself for their sins. Believing that, a Christian makes the effort to follow Christ's teachings.

Kate Denborough :

Every "Christian" is a human being and makes mistakes just like everyone else; Christians are by no means perfect. Christians, IF they are born again believers, are not perfect, they're just saved sinners!

Genevieve Rioux :

We do not all say that "rock is the devils music" and all "Christian rock" is not necessarily healthy. I believe that the content of the lyrics of some music may lead us to consider sinful acts and, in that respect , it becomes unhealthy to a fruitful and growing Christian walk. When I became a believer, I tossed out all my "secular" music because it reminded me of my former life and that was unhealthy for my growth into my new life. I restrict most secular music from my children for the same reason; because it may it lead them to consider unhealthy un-Christian thought and life style.

Lourdes Elizarraras :

Adding the word "christian" in front of something should signify that the thing is reflective of Jesus' character; that's not always the case. People do use Jesus' name for their own selfish desires and we have to be discerning. The word "Christian" has become muddied and stereotypical in today's society.

Sarah Maur Thorp :

Pure stupidity and the 50's, the idiot racist southern preachers(who wore their pointy white hoods on weekends) didn't want their white kids listening to that evil negro music....

Katja Riemann :

Rock music slowly became accepted after Elvis, Buddy Holly.....Pat Boone singing Little Richard songs was more accepted than Little Richard singing his own songs....

Perry Chiu Woon :

All of that was taking place in Christian USA in the 50's....where blacks had to drink from separate water fountains, swim in different pools, ride in the back of the bus, and go to different schools.....all done by good Christians eh?

Misty Mundae :

Calling something "Christian" doesn't necessarily mean good does it?

Aurelie Sterling :

No idea. I'm Christian (LDS) and into Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Metallica, Magnum and Queen, etc. I'm having a rock chick hen night in two weeks - at the church.

Caroline Langrishe :

However, I did have to give away my Darkness album because it had a lot of foul language on it.

Hayley Keenan :

im a christian and i hear them saying all kinds of music is the devils... i guess cuz of the sound. they dnt pay attention to the lyrics or they dnt feel da same when listenig to the music. im a christian and i luv rock! well... i USED to go to church.. then i eventually got tired of it. Rock music has become my comfort. I love it. and find nothing wrong with it.

Alena Johnston :

It's not the music that most of us Christians consider bad. Many people are simply offended by the foul language and discussion of things like rape and murder. Also, not everyone who is a Christian says things like "the devil's music." In fact, most of us don't. I don't dislike all rock music. In fact, I love most of it. I simply do not support things that I find offensive or against my beliefs. Non-Christians do the same. Just like it's not right for Christians to make blanket statements about others, it's not right for others to make blanket statements about Christians.

Alice Davis :

Stop the judgement.

Home Base Business

Naomi Campbell :

Tieing a simple knot carefully in a ribbon produces a perfect pentagon Is there an explanation Thanks

Nicole Debonne :

Pentagons occur naturally when tying knots due to the same reason that when strings are pulled taut, and a fret is placed in the middle, that the pitch that it plays on either side of the fret is a 'perfect fifth.' The idea is that the knot is exactly half the distance away from its other side within the knot itself. If one wants to see how this happens naturally, all you have to do is draw a five-pointed star, turn the page 180 degrees, and then draw another five-pointed star the others middle. This can be done ad infinitum inward or outward until physics prevents it from occurring.

Eva Derrek :

The irony is: the perfect fifth is not what makes music music per se, rather it is the diminished fifth, the tri-tone, or so called devil's tone that makes music capable of changing keys from one to the next. Though, the reason that this happens is due to the natural harmonics that occur in the environment, that make the diminished fifth the actual additive center (where the perfect fifth is its multiplicative one) from the root to the octave. Knowing these two sets of mathematics and where they overlap, eerily

Kim Wayans :

can define pretty much any physical phenomena from the Relative to the Quantum. (Unfortunately, there are very peculiar rules that establish how the sets occur whose overtones include concepts such as inverses, opposites, paradigm, zero, and the infinite.) And chances are that disarming your knots will probably find us an answer to the Zeta function. Good luck!

Alejandra Marin :

On a side note: it was Pythagoras who (is ironically famous for someone anonymous' theorem) started a cult around the idea of the perfect fifth, which eventually made the pentagram the infamous symbol that it is today. But this was not until after, he was murdered by a band of math conscious rioters who decided his cult was evil because they had been hiding the existence of the irrational numbers, which exist due to the multiplicative tendencies of an additive system of measurement.

Luigina Rocchi :

That's all for which I have time.

Weekly World News

Antoinette Abbott :

dose haveing short hair mean u r a lez!

Tracy Kneale :

no who told you that?

Dobrila Cirkovic :

hell no

Barbara Magnolfi :

if so

Rebecca Rigg :

then im a total

Lauren German :


Maureen Kedes :

NO, not at all. Don't listen to people who have sterotypes like that and make fun of you for something like that. Some people might not think short hair is attractive but someone's hairstyle does not have anything to do with their sexual orientation. If people make fun of you for it and perpetuate stereotypes, then they aren't worth your time. I think short hair is cute, especially pixie cuts on girls!!

Alice Fredlund :

No not at all I wear short hair with a short layered shag style. It looks good.

Julie Strain :

alot of dikes wear real short haircuts like guys

Nadia Bjorlin :

What nonsense!

Chennin Blanc :

I think it means you like short hair.

Annabelle Larsen :

*LOL* MY hair is down past my shoulders and I'm bi

Camellia Clouse :

[sarcasm] Yeah, as soon as a girl cuts her hair short, she automatically becomes attracted to other females [/sarcasm]

Sonja Karina :

No way! Having short hair means that you prefer having short hair on your head... Whoever told you that is insane...

Kelly Monaco :

Most Lesbians... yes do have short hair, to bring out the male side of them, but not at all is your question true. I have many friends with short hair and they are not lesbians.

Virginia Watson :

dose using spellcheck tak to mene keystroks?

Carla Harvey :

Way to be closed-minded. Good thing the majority doesn't think like you.

Christine Boisson :

no way! that means a bunch of gorgeous movie stars and models are lez's.. right?... no.

Lisa Inouye :

Of course not

Arlette Pacheco :

Nope! Who ever told you it does, lied to you. The person was probably delusional. Short hair means you're happy, that you want to please your companion, that you are anxious to attarct someone, that you're proud to be liked and to have short hair.

Meghan Stansfield :

no not even if its a boy hair cut yet it is styled girl way. I actullay hate short hair but it is pretty on most girls as long as if they dont have a large face. No Offence

Barbara Auer :


Laura Antonelli :

hmm yes most definitely did you cut your hair or considering swinging the other way or did some dumb@$$ guy tell you you'd look like a "liz"

Andrea Rau :


Finja Martens :

I'm a lesbian and I have short hair and its not because I want to look like a friggin man, which I dont. I get so tired of some people saying that we want to look like men. Some lesbians do. Thats their business, but we all shouldnt get stereotyped. Why is it okay for a dude to have long hair? They arent considered drag queens. Whats the friggin difference? I have a very busy life and my hair is short mainly for convenience. Besides that there alot of straight women that have extremely short hair. I doubt that they appreciate being called a dyke based on their hair. I have talked to alot of straight women who have complimented my hair and have stated they wanted their hair short but they didnt want to be considered butch. What a pity it is that a person doesnt do what they want in their life because of other peoples stupid opinions.

Andrea Sawatzki :

It means you look like a lesbian...

Julie Payne :

Many many lesbians have short hair. I only know of one personally, who just so happens to be a Lipstick Lesbian, who has longer hair.

Sandra Russo :

Not at all but i can understand if you feel that way. I had short hair when i was younger and always felt like i had to compensate by wearing more makeup or more feminine things. But essentially, if you feel uncomfortable grow it out, if you like it-don't. It doesn't mean your a lesbian simply because you have a hair style that some females who are lesbians posses as well.

Melissa Dutton :

Hypocrisy! Of course not!

Ellie Maclure :

No, of course not.

Marina Langner :

There's no connection between hair length and sexuality.

Emma Caulfield :

no just because a lot of lez have short hair doesn't mean everyone who has short hair is a lez.

Ilaria Borrelli :

NO! Where did you hear that?

Linda Do Sacramento :

how short?

Moune Duvivier :

buzz cut short, i would think you're a les

Chantal Lashon :


Whats My Ip

Valerie Mairesse :

song from samsung advert, the one with the waitress and the guys trying to get her attention

Franziska Arndt :

Sounds like Blur Girls and boys

Sylvia Kristel :

Streets like a jungle

Lavinia Wilson :

So call the police

Maria Ketikidou :

Following the herd

Pantera :

Down to greece - on holiday

Jennifer Welles :

Love in the nineties

Sequoia Rose Fuller :

Is paranoid

Mikel James :

On sunny beaches

Kathy Najimy :

Take your chances - looking for

Anne Tihomiroff :


Claudia Fritzsche :

Girls who are boys

Grazyna Szapolowska :

Who like boys to be girls

Kimberley Warnat :

Who do boys like theyre girls

Adrienne Pauly :

Who do girls like theyre boys

Melissa Behr :

Always should be someone you really love

Veronika Fitz :

Repeat chorus

April Flowers :

Avoiding all work

Ai Mei Wong :

Cos theres none available

Uta Erickson :

Like battery thinkers

Jessica Dublin :

Count your thoughts - on one two three four five fingers

Lena Breban :

Nothing is wasted

Britt Leary :

Only reproduced

Sue Devaney :

You get nasty blisters

Patricia Heaton :

Du bist sehr schen

Eva Derrek :

But we havent been introduced.

Maggie Ford :

Repeat chorus twice

Alice Davis :

2nd time: always should be someone to really love.

Mbembo :

Ah ah ah ah ah ah

Catherine Jarret :

Ah ah ah ah ah

Ai Mei Wong :

Looking for...

Lorna Heilbron :

Repeat chorus four times

Clara Rainbow :

Last time: always should be someone to really love.

Mary Count :

Ah ah ah ah ah ah

Melanie Kilgour :

Ah ah ah ah ah

Kimberleigh Stark :

Peace Bri

Kimballee Chivers :

The song is sung by Andy Williams, the song title is "Music to watch girls by".

Video Killed The Radio Star

Justina Vail :

Anyone like the German Heavy Metal Band "Rammstein"

Judith Hofmann :

Oh love that band! One of my favorites! Its a nice change from hearing the regular rock and stuff from America. They give rock a new meaning.

Janina Flieger :

yes they kick ass...think they broke up though...sad really

Jeanne :

Absoutley not!!!!!

April Gilbert :

I have been a fan ever since I heard the album Sensucht. They are my favorite industrial metal band! Nothing worse than a metal band whose singer doesn't match the music. I love driving to work and cranking Rammstein up!!! Such a rush! Oh yah, and it's cool to sing along in a completely different language!

Sarah Wynter :

P.S. Rammstein have not broken up! check out

Mischa Barton :

Beata Pozniak :

Jenya Lano :

There is NOTHING about any band breakup! :-)

Cara Seymour :

love them!! they rock!!

Marie Brahimi :

They're one of my favourite bands! I love Till's voice as well.. I can't pick a favourite album but top songs are "Spiel Mit Mir", "Rein, Raus", "Stripped", "Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen?", "Bestrafe Mich" and "Te Quiero Puta!" (among others!).

Heidemarie Wenzel :

I know Rosenrot wasn't released that long ago, but I can't wait for their next album!

Hansi Linder :

i love rammstein! i love their songs 'sonne', 'mutter' and 'du hast'. maybe because i have german heritage.

Kenya Moore :

I salute them, they are the epitemy of great music. i really like the whole image they got going. thier lead singer is definetly the most unique ive ever heard. they rock!!! \_/(..)\_/

Keyla Wood :

my favorite songs are

Danielle Nicholls :

reise reise

Eva Derrek :


Terri Runnels :


Nikki Nova :

wilder wein

Sonja Karina :

in that order

Jennifer Van Dyck :

Rammstein... JA!

Maria Kavardjikova :

Actually Rammstein is industrial.

Kerrie Clark :

Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein Gutiars

Vanecia Small :

Till Lindemann Vocals

Angie Cepeda :

Christoph Doom Schneider Drums

Claudia Neidig :

Paul Landers Gutiars

Julia Jentsch :

Christian "Flake" Lorenz Keybords

Bust A Groove

Nathalie Boutefeu :

What's a good band name for an up and coming hard/alternative rock band

Aurelie Sterling :

The "Up and Comers"?

Eleonore Melzer :

I like that!

Charity Rahmer :

Good luck!

Alexandra Neldel :

coal slaugh

Isabel Fillardis :

"The Ball-Busting B**** Beaters"

Virginia Loridans :

...let me know if you like it...

Pauley Perrette :

stupid idiots, retardoes,

Irene Molloy :

spanky and the purple pajamas

Yan Nam :

howsabout "globeturners"? thats pretty good.

Adrienne-Joi Johnson :

faux fur

Melanie Griffith :

My friend thought of this:

Elise Tielrooy :

Thrift-store army jacket!!!!

Lisa Axelrod :

raggad, wonkavision, remote controllers, slashing amy, red lights, torn sheets, dweeb nausiators, dimensia, eraserhead, pixelated. the list could go on forever. mine's called "i don't know you, that's my purse".

Stefania DAmario :

"the scorpions" ....thats all i could think of 8-)

Pilar Castel :

Sharon Tate's Baby

Rena Sofer :

If your to young to know who she is a search.

Shannyn Sossamon :

Saliva - Spit - Sludge - Terror - Velvet Rope - Snap Dragons - Vice - Rumor - Sound Off - Deliver US - Broken Promise - Evil Ernie - Reconcile - The Last Supper - Breakfast Band - HammerHead - Stringy - Volumous - 11 - 6+5 - BloodShot - ColdCock - ShutIns - Spilt Milk - Fullasheet - SilverStroke - EatenOut - BoneRipper - HotBadayda - Masticate - VirginWine - Cellophane

Virginia Commonwealth University

Saskia Mulder :

I was wondering if anyone liked Green Day and wanted to comment something good about them if your a fan,so bye

Malena Solda :

i hate greenday slip-knot is cooler

Victoria Frost :

i hate green day!

Julie Strain :

everyone seems to hate green day now, are people dumb?

Valerie Wildman :

i suppose everyone is gunna say they sold out by releasing an operetta (american idiot), but that cd is musically way better than anything they've done.

Melinda Songer :

(although i'm still a bigger fan of their old stuff)

Natasha Symms :

I LOVE green day. not really love, but im a fan. AMERICAN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landon Hall :


Amanda Pays :

Green day sucks

Angelica Chain :

I think it is ridiculous all of the people who say they like old Green Day and that they hate American Idiot. I agree that older stuff is better, but most people just say this because they thought they were different to like Green Day, now that they aren't they do the opposite of everyone else which has now turned out to be the same as everyone else because now everyone says that. I love all Green Day music

Shana Betz :

Green Day is one of my faverite punk rock bands ever. They introduced me to rock music. I started to listen to American Idiot, then I got deeper in it. I started listening tothier older songs. If it wasn't for Green Day, I would have never listened to the other 70 bands I know.

Amy Adams :

I love green day, they are the best band on this planet and i find Billie Joe gorgeous but I mainly really love there music and i only started listening to them when i heard American idiot and then i started listen to music more often like punk, rock and indie. Also they helped me through bad times and helps me with my studies they rock though!

Gospel Publishing House

Brigitte Ariel :

If you could live under the ocean or live on the moon in let's say a bubble type city, which would you choose

Amanda Righetti :

in the ocean, it would have a better view, pretty ocean life and cool fish, the moon just has rocks

Alexandra Paul :

Let's take both of those. Say one of the areas of the Bubble Cities looses integrity and for arguments sake say you are trapped in the section that seals off to protect the rest of the structure. You can either die by drowning or die by exposure to the vacuum of space, in that case I would take the moon. Plus you can see lots of stars from the surface of the moon. But yeah, that's my reason grim as it may be.

Sarah Biasini :

Under the ocean.. Preferrably in Bikini Bottom with Sponge Bob. :) The crabby patties are delicious or so I am told.

Brenda Vaccaro :

I would rather live in a submarine or underwater park or aquarium something for living under water For moon, first I better save myself a couple BILLIONS of dolares to buy a rocket and go there and urge someone to go with me cause' I would need somebody to talk with otherwise believe me, all the day and night keep jumping around will tire you and you'll get bored of it!!!!!!

Elodie Yung :

I don't know about you but i'd pick the ocean

Weight Loss Diet

Amanda Kravat :

music: i need the name of an older techno song from a movie, the only words in it are" so this is goodbye, yah

Anita Lochner :

What's the name of the movie?

Cristi Conaway :

Well that lyric is in the song, "Goodbye Girl," from the movie with the same name. I think it was sung by Englund Dan and John Ford Coley, but it might've been Bread. It doesn't strike me as a techno song, but I can see how someone could say it is. The line goes: Well, so this is goodbye, yeah, it doesn't mean forever.

Pita Oliver :

I've been sitting here for about 10 minutes trying to think of the song you're talking about, when all of a sudden... Moby!

Illeana Douglas :

The track's called "Porcelain" and is the third track on Moby's "Play" album. The album was released in 1999, the same year as Cruel Intentions and Brokedown Palace. "Porcelain" is featured on The Beach soundtrack, released the following year.

Bik Wing Chung :

You can hear a sample of the song here:

Rosario Flores :

(It doesn't play the part where Moby sings, "so this is goodbye.. this is goodbye" but you'll recognise the piano part)

Cream Cheese Frosting

Maggie Lloyd Williams :

what is eye candy

Valerie Lemaitre :

someone or something that looks good

Sara Sommerfeldt :

a real good looking girl

Jacki Weaver :

Someone who's beautiful.

Nissa Hall :

a very sexy person male or female.

Ann Atmar :

Generally refers to a young lovely lady. Typically the beauty is more important than any other aspect.

Tisa Farrow :

Something that looks good. Girls where jewlery, shoes and tthe cutest clothes. Boys, heck I don't know. But for example, I have a shirt that says I love my duck, every girl wants to know where I got. I have the original Paranoid album by black sabbath, about 20 guys are wondering if I want to sell it to them. (H**l no!!)

Emmanuelle Beart :

One of those little butterscotch thingies flung real fast across the room into some poor sucker's eye.

Eva Derrek :

Eye candy is a pretty female or sometimes a sexxy male that is used in the videos or magazines(sometimes on stage) to distract everyone from the ugly MTF singing the song (in most cases). But in retrospect just a person that draws the audience attention....well, now that i think about it...Me!

Alice Davis :

contacts, sunglasses or a hot girl are you really that brain dead?

Valdosta State University

Margret Vilhjalmsdottir :

I looked out the window and what did I see

Diana Chiafair :

a cute girl!!!

Natasha Mealey :

I saw a big monkey staring back at me.

Cara Buono :

the sky

Nadja Petri :

a tree swayin in the wind

Julie Van DeWeghe :

The world, happiness, and love? I don't know what u are talking about, but I hope this isn't a waste of ur time!

Louise Golding :

"A crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to me."

Claudia Guzman :

David Bowie's (Oh) You Pretty Things from his 1971 album Hunky Dory.

Ellan Fartt :

Here are the complete lyrics:

Sara Lezana :

Wake up you sleepy head

Gianna Patton :

Put on some clothes, shake up your bed

Melanie Coste :

Put another log on the fire for me

Gabriela Roel :

I've made some breakfast and coffee

Corinne Dacla :

Look out my window and what do I see

Anneke Blok :

A crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to me

Geraldine James :

All the nightmares came today

Rachel Bailit :

And it looks as though they're here to stay

Ana Serradilla :

What are we coming to

Moe Ishikawa :

No room for me, no fun for you

Miranda Otto :

I think about a world to come

Joie Lee :

Where the books were found by the Golden ones

Makosi Musambasi :

Written in pain, written in awe

Birgit Zamulo :

By a puzzled man who questioned

Mina Badie :

What we were here for

Ann Atmar :

All the strangers came today

Debra K Beatty :

And it looks as though they're here to stay

Gail Harris :

Oh You Pretty Things

Rebecca Chiang :

Don't you know you're driving your

Joy Webster :

Mamas and Papas insane

Tina Fey :

Oh You Pretty Things

Rachel Suissa :

Don't you know you're driving your

Mallika Sherawat :

Mamas and Papas insane

Silvia Espigado :

Let me make it plain

Usang Yeong Fang :

You gotta make way for the Homo Superior

Romina Power :

Look at your children

Sue Bond :

See their faces in golden rays

Josette Simon :

Don't kid yourself they belong to you

Alma Soriano :

They're the start of a coming race

Diana Suarez :

The earth is a bitch

Patsy Kensit :

We've finished our news

Cindy Girling :

Homo Sapiens have outgrown their use

Susana Traverso :

All the strangers came today

Hannah King :

And it looks as though they're here to stay

Heather Peace :

Oh You Pretty Things

Rachida Brakni :

Don't you know you're driving your

Valeria :

Mamas and Papas insane

Sarah Holcomb :

Oh You Pretty Things

Desislava Tenekedjieva :

Don't you know you're driving your

Suzan Crowley :

Mamas and Papas insane

Julia Thurnau :

Let me make it plain

Lavinia Wilson :

You gotta make way for the Homo Superior

Ai Mei Wong :

You saw two things.

Julie Delafosse :

1. A watermelon and a stop sign engaging in Mortal Kombat.

Kalei Shallabarger :

2. A dancing block on cheese.

Sanoe Lake :

a tree

Elizabeth Oropesa :

1. A little gorilla on a tree.

Amanda Colville :

2. The sun is up and I'm late for school.

Radha Nilia :

3. Micheal Jackson.

Fayette County Pennsylvania

Kristin Scott Thomas :

What is the meaning of Steely Dan song: Are you reeling in the east

Marita Ditmar :

Reelin in the years.

Jackie De Witt :

Those aren't the lyrics silly.

Julie Strain :

It's "Are you reeling in the years". I don't know all the exact lyrics but I think its prettymuch about getting old.

Caroline Brunner :

Did you know Steely Dan was named after a sex toy?

Tawny Garrison :

It's reeling in the YEARS -- meaning are you getting older.

Michelle Verran :

its reeling in the years,by the way its a good song.

Eun-Yeong Song :

LMAO, I love screwed up lyrics like that heheheh

Terri Treas :

Reeling in the Years....Steely Dan

Tania Da Costa :

Your everlasting summer, you can see it fadin' fast

Tiffany Limos :

So you grab a piece of somethin' that you think is gonna last

Kathrin Lautner :

Well, you wouldn't even know a diamond if you held it in your hand

Salome Stevenin :

The things you think are precious I can't understand

Lesley Vickerage :

Are you reelin' in the years, stowin' away the time

Denine Dubois :

Are you gatherin' up the tears, have you had enough of mine

Gabriella Hamori :

Are you reelin' in the years, stowin' away the time

Oxana Orlenko :

Are you gatherin' up the tears, have you had enough of mine

Armelle Deutsch :

You've been telling me you're a genius since you were seventeen

Heike Wittig :

In all the time I've known you I still don't know what you mean

Cristina Umana :

The weekend at the college didn't turn out like you planned

Pamela Springsteen :

The things that pass for knowledge I can't understand

Julie Andrade :

I spent a lot of money and I spent a lot of time

Marianna Bertucci :

The trip we made to Hollywood is etched upon my mind

Gina Jackson :

After all the things we've done and seen you find another man

Karen Lancaume :

The things you think are useless I can't understand

Cecile Cassel :

The lyrics are actually:

Bik Wing Chung :

Are you reelin in the years

Nanci Beck :

Stowin away the time

Jacqueline Macaulay :

Are you gathering up the tears

Ashley Chappell :

Have you had enough of mine

Andrea Rau :

Its about a woman who broke this guys heart...this song is basically saying I'm the best you could have ever had. I think we've all felt that way about someone at one point or another.

A Perfect Match

Jane Alexander :

what is difference between mass & weight

Zoe Carides :

on earth, none. but in space things still have mass but not weight... i think

Eun-jin Bang :

mass is the amount of space and object takes up

Rachael Ann Bennett :

weight is how hard gravity pulls down on that object

Virginie Lanoue :

mass is the amount of matter in an object, wieght is what you get when you put an object in a balance

Silvia Moore :

Masds is the amount of matter present in an object.weight is the force of gravity that is exerted on the object

Jessica Abbott :

Weight is the net gravitational force exerted on that object by all other objects. This can therefore Vary based on where you are in relation to gravity,and the force of that gravitational pull.

Cheryl Ladd :

Mass is a property of a physical object that quantifies the amount of matter and energy it contains. Unlike weight, the mass of something stays the same regardless of location.

Jane Donadio :

Mass is not the amount of space it takes up-that's volume. Mass is a property that describes an object's matter and energy. Weight is the amount of force that is applied to an object of some mass due to gravity.

Agnieszka Wagner :

mass is how much something will hold (measured in cubic units ). and weight is how heavy something is pounds ect.

Alejandra Marin :

Mass measures the amount of inertia an object has, which is dependent on the amount of matter the object contains. Weight is the mass times the acceleration of gravity or the amount of the force of gravity on the object.

Portia Cue :

mass is the amount of material you have and the space it takes up is determined by its density. Mass is in grams or slugs.

Nathalie Roussel :

Weight is produced when a mass is acted upon by a force.

Eva Derrek :


Cheyenne :


Edwige Fenech :


Morganna :

g=gravitational acceleration= 9.81 on Earth;

Melinda Messenger :

The weight is a force and it is measured in Newtons for exemple your weight is aprox 800 N if your mass is 80 kg;

Eve Salvail :

mass is a cermony you attend at catholic church.

Lynn Lowry :

weight is what you do until it is finally over

Jeanette Hain :

mass is the qty of matter. if u have a definite amount of burger in ur hand on earth and take the same to moon , u will hav the same amt of burger(if u dont eat or disturb it!!!) . on the other hand if u wiegh the burger on earth then on moon , u will find that it doesnt weigh the same!. this is due 2 diff in gravitational force(force with which a planet or moon attracts the burger(object).) mass is the amount of substance while weight is the force exerted on the object by earth or any planet.

Kareen Bourjade :

Mass is the quantity of matter present in a body

Christine Boisson :

Weight is the gravitational pull of the planet on the body. It is the product of mass of the body and the gravitational pull of the planet.

Pauline Knof :

Mass remians same everywhere in the universe. its constant because the amount of matter contained in the object remains same wherever you take it.

Colleen Camp :

Whereas, weight depends upon the gravitational pull. The weight of an object becomes 6 times lesser on moon, as the gravitational pull of moon is 6 times lesser than Earth.

Betiana Blum :

If 'm' is the mass, 'g' is the acceleration due to gravity, then,

Cindy Manion :

Weight, W = m X g

Emmanuelle Beart :

The value of g for earth = 9.8 m/s2

Tiffany Cara :

If the mass of a stone is 2 kgs

Jennifer Rivell :

Then its weight, W = m X g i.e. 2 X 9.8 = 19.6 Newtons

Diane Fletcher :

The units of Weight is given in Newton which is the unit for force, because Weight is also a force exerted by the planet on an object.

Ai Mei Wong :

Mass is the amount of matter.

Catherine Mary Stewart :

Weight is a unit of force.

Clementine Amouroux :

mass is measurement of amount of matter in anybody while weight is the gravitational pull exerted by earth on body

Jacinda Barrett :

Mass is one of the three fundamental quantities; the others are length and time.

Philippine Pachl :

All other quantities can be related to two (or all) of these quantities by means of formulae.

Lavinia Wilson :

But these three quantities are independent of each other.

Teri Harrison :

Therefore, these three quantities cannot be defined by any means.

Verna Bloom :

They could be understood only by intuition.

Anke Syring :

For example, if we define mass as the quantity of matter in a substance, we cannot answer the questions, what is a substance? What is matter? Etc.

Carmen Moore :

Substance, matter and mass mean one and the same thing, namely mass.

Rita Wolf :

This is the reason why we define the units of these quantities in any system of units and keep these standards for comparison.

Irma Lozano :

We understand the mass only by the force by which the body is made to accelerate.

Kim Flowers :

In order two lift objects, we exert forces on the body and if we feel one is heavier than the other, we say that the heavier one has greater mass and the lighter one has lesser mass.

Ai Mei Wong :

If we feel that we exert same amount of force to lift two objects, then we say that the two objects are weighing equal. It implies that the two objects are pulled by earth with equal forces. In practice we don?t rely on our feelings, instead we use a balance having two pans. Two objects of different sizes, if balanced, we say they are of equal weights; if not we say they are having different weights.

Valerie Gabriel :

Thus the weight is the force with which a body is pulled by the earth.

Joyce Jimenez :

The standard unit mass in SI system is kilogram; if another object is balanced by this unit mass using a balance, we say that these two have the same mass of 1kg, since they are pulled by equal forces by the earth.

Vanessa Lengies :

The weight and mass are related by the equation W = mg, where g is the acceleration due to gravity at the place and this is independent of the mass; i.e. it is the same for all objects.

Karen Cecka :

With the introduction of Special theory of relativity, mass is deemed as another form of energy.

Daniela Poggi :

As for as difference is considered; mass is a fundamental quantity whereas weight is the derived quantity. Hence both are different quantity and of course they are related by the equation

Cristina Ferrare :

W = Mg where w is the weight and M is the mass and g is the acceleration due to gravity.

Bed And Breakfast In Rome

Yan Nam :

Does a compass needle point North if you are in the Southern Hemisphere

Elvira Thom :

No. The closer you get to either pole, the more messed up you compas gets. The magnetic poles are not fixed. They shift and can give you a false reading.

Nina Richardson :

Don't listen to anything these other people say. They just say what I wrote before I realized that my first answer was wrong and went with their intuition. (except for radon)

Nikki Schieler Ziering :

Check out

Sandy Wasko :

Yes, it points to the magnetic north.

Alejandra Marin :

The earth has two magnetic poles, a north pole and a south pole.

Tanya Celaya :

The effect of both poles can be detected by a good compass from anywhere on earth.

Corinna Harney :

Yes it can.

Atalia Malichi :

The physics is still the same and the polar currents are the same. Positive is still positive and negative still negative.

Susannah Harker :

yes, the north pole is positive and the south is negative. the needle always follows the polarity

Lisa Rinna :

The magnetic lines of flux go from magnetic pole to magnetic pole, so magnetic north will be the direction that the needle points regardless of where you are at on the earth.

Kari Ann Peniche :

Keep in mind that the magnetic poles are always moving around (wobbling might be the best way to describe it).

Office 2000 Premium

Miho Ariga :

North of the equator, water drains clockwise and south of the equator, water drains counterclockwise, Correct

Marcela Gallego :

Incorrect. My husband was across the equater and checked. it goes the same way in both hemisphiers. gravity is still gravity no matter were you are.

Sofia Dionisio :

Is true in allmost 95% of cases, if you let start itself .... but if you turn it by your hand against the natural direction, also this new direction will stay .... so the circumstances of starting are the ones, which determine the direction and those circumstances do not seem to be affected by earth's rotation only

Shirley Benny :

You are correct. It has nothing to do with gravity and everything to do with the rotation of the earth. Your husband is sadly mistaken.

Vanessa Demouy :

The coriolis force is not strong enough to cause an effect on water draining in a toilet or sink, it simply drains the way in which the water was poured.

Joaquina Belaunde :

It does have an effect on weather systems because the small force is present over a long time.

Frederique Bonnal :


Kim Myers :

The twisting effect of the Coriolis force is real and does influence certain large things like the movement of air masses, but the effect is so small that it plays no role in determining the direction in which water rotates as it exits from a draining sink or toilet. The Coriolis effect produces a measurable effect over huge distances and long periods of time, neither of which applies to your bathroom. Toilets and sinks drain in the directions they do because of the way water is directed into them or pulled from them. If water enters in a swirling motion (as it does when a toilet is flushed, for example), the water will exit in that same swirling pattern; as well, most basins have irregular surfaces and are not perfectly level, factors which influence the direction in which water spirals down their drains. The configuration of taps and drains is responsible for the direction of spin given to water draining from sinks and bathtubs to a degree that overwhelms the slight influence of the Coriolis force.

Blanchard Ryan :

The belief that the Coriolis force influences the direction in which water drains from plumbing fixtures is widespread and has been repeated as fact in a number of venues, including popular television shows (such as world traveler Michael Palin's Pole to Pole) and even in textbooks. We can only speculate on why people are so enamored of this snippet of misinformation, guessing that it has something to do with the desire to find some of the mysteries of science in the realm of the everyday.

Dvd Copying Software

Rachel Griffin :

How can I get over stage fright When I sing alone, my voice cracks, forget my music and songs too HELP!!

Salma Hayek :

breathe, stretch, shake, let it go

Helen Curry :

The best way to get over stage fright is to start small. Don't do it in front of a big audience, start with a small group of people, like friends or family perhaps, and work your way up. In no time you'll have confidence in yourself so you can do in front of a ton of people.

Sandrine Thoquet :

Keep getting up and singing. You'll soon get over it. Make eye contact with people. Also, smile at people when you sing. Then, get into your song. If you're nervous, others will know it.

Monika Kalin :

Look I think that you should save up a little money at a time to hire a singing instructor to help you over come your fear. When your on stage or in front of people just try to focus on something towards the back of the room. I'm sure you have a great voice and you should pursue you goals.

Natascha Hockwin :

I sympathize with you. I have had the same problem. I think the first thing to think about is, what is making you nervous? Do you think your voice doesn't sound good enough on its own, or is there something else making you nervous, or a combination of things? Then deal with the problem(s) from there. Another piece of advice: Practice in front of an audience until you get more acclimated to performing. You can do this at a Kareoke club, in which there is a more casual atmosphere then other performing places, like open mike.

Wendy Hamilton :

Hey I have always been rather shy. For last 2 years I have gone to area nurings homes,retirement homes,etc to sing to residents. First time my friend asked me to try to sing we were at his home while he was jamming with thats where I started. My first time I decided to look at audience and when I felt uncomfortable at first I picked someone in audience and focused on them as if I was singing to that person ...then slowly I began to look at each person and eventually got over it , but I still take time to look at them as if to personally sing to I even take my cordless mike and get out among the people and sing a tune (one that I absolutely comfortable with). I also sometimes make a joke or comment as well to ease tension. I do have a book with lyrics on the music stand and have it opened in case I forget a line...its there for a quick help if needed...

Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst :

remember always to give your best to your audience.just think "OK,I'm doing this for the audience,they expect the best from me".A real performer forgets about everything at the moment of singing,he becomes the song himself and reaches extasis!If you wear glasses or contact lenses and your degrees are not so high,by not wearing any of those will give an impression of looking at a colourful mass and will make things easier.And this:if you don't concentrate enough on what your doing the vocals won't come out so easily and you will get embarassed(singing is a very personal feeling thats why most of us cannot express it so well)and of course,that's not what your audience wants!So think that if you give your best then the audience will apreciate that and you will have satisfactory.Singing good makes you less embarassed that singing bad(have that in mind)

Aur Ek Haseena Thi

Perla Faith :

Should I stay or should I go now

Bettina Kurth :


Martine Legrand :

it depends what you are going from!!!!!

Kate Mundt :

stay or go.....we dont care

Nanou Garcia :


Anne Lishman :

If I go there will be trouble

Kim Burnette :

And if I stay it will be double

Franziska Petri :

Go. someone is waiting for u

Dara Tomanovich :

all depends where you stay and where you want to go

Rosette :

think about it

Lavinia Wilson :


Elodie Yung :

get lost LOLZ

Missy Warner :

with those nice, black shoes you must go around the city. the traffic will be colapsed.

Verna Bloom :

if you want to go...GO

Victoria Barrett :

It depends on where you'll go, now doesn't it?

Louise Szpindel :

Nee nee nee nini noo, should I stay or should I go now, if I stay there will be trouble, if I go there will be double.

Teressa Macky :

I think you should stay.

Noa Tishby :

go far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far away

Selen :

Follow your heart. Whatever it says, its for you.

Francoise Robertson :

Stay, please. :) I like your questions, and your answers. :)

Irina Grigoryeva :

stay another day.

Wendy Mahoney :

Joe Strummer would want you to stay, I know, because I saw him play in Bristol once. I'm sure he mentioned something about it just before the encore.

Louisa Rix :

Whatever. Don't go. (In case you weren't just curious about the song lyrics)

Macaroni And Cheese

Isabelle Menard :

The earth was anything but round,(maybe it was square)

Katrin Brockmann :

You're wrong. The Earth is round because of gravity. It used to be more liquid, and liquids in space become spheres. Nothing has been "shaved off." If anything, we are gaining mass.

Cox Habbema :

For the most part, the atmosphere moves along with the surface of the earth. On the other hand, winds going in any direction tend to grind down mountain peaks.

Marie-Luise Marjan :

However, if the Earth were not fairly close to round, then the molten lava inside the earth would rupture the crust and deform the earth into a round shape. The main reason the Earth is round is gravity, not wind.

Sarah Torgov :

actually the thing is the planets r nothing but stars according to my knowledge ther should be only one at the starting point later on ti must get bursted out and another star could be created and so on it continued to be more stars,at one moment start power reduced and it had been a normal surface with rock later on due tothe gases in atmosphere it could have became a planet with oxygen and without oxygen and full of hot valcano's etc .

Adrienne Pauly :

Um, no only gaseous planets are related to stars, stars are sphere of highly compressed gasses i.e. our sun is a ball of mainly compressed hydrogen. Most plantets that we know of on the other hand are made of metals and minerals and other elements...

South Beach Hotel

Marisa Coughlan :

Have you heard Natasha Benningfield

Molly Ringwald :

Yes, I have heard Natasha Benningfield.

Valerie Bertinelli :

Heck ya! She is awesome!! But her music videos are interesting, if ya know what i mean...

Maria Bello :

Yes, the sister of Daniel Bedingfield.

Anke Engelke :

Has released tracks such as "Single", "Unwritten" and "These Words" and can sing very well!

Nicolin Kunz :

Benningfield no, but if you meant Bedingfield here she is:

Maricar Fernandez :

Natasha Bedingfield (born November 26, 1981 in London, United Kingdom) is a pop singer and songwriter, and is the sister of fellow pop singer Daniel Bedingfield. Originally a member of the Christian worship band The DNA Algorithm with her sister Nikola and brother Daniel, Bedingfield was signed by Phonogenic Records. Her debut album Unwritten peaked at number one in the United Kingdom, and spawned her debut single "Single", the title track "Unwritten", "I Bruise Easily", and the worldwide s

Natasha Pachano :

uccess "These Words", which peaked at number seventeen on the U.S. Hot 100.

Janice Dickinson :

Bedingfield became the third female solo singer in UK history have a number-one debut album, but she and her brother Daniel Bedingfield were documented in the Guinness Book of World Records as the only brother and sister to have solo number-ones in UK chart history. She is also known for voicing Elizabeth Stark, a Bond girl and daughter of the Prime Minister who Bond rescues in the pre-title sequence From Russia with Love, a video game by Electronic Arts.

Saye Yabandeh :

It's Bedingfield. And yes, she's awesome.

Maren Schumacher : her song 'these words'..

Sasha Andres :


Sally Kirkland :

my goodness I love her! I went instantly on the net and downloaded her after i heard her on MTV!

Universal Studio Hollywood

Lenka Kripac :

i am surpried brazil lost are you

Selma Egrei :

No way! Go FRANCE Go! Honestly , Brazil never won that much against France so why would we be surprised! We were more afraid of being beat up by Spain than Brazil

Ingrid Caven :

What were they playing? Soccer?

Nina Bott :

no i'm shocked

Sabrina Koch :

i am suprised to , i mean brazil had the world cup champion reputation!

Moriah Shannon :

I was rooting for France so WOOOOHOOO!!

Janet Kidder :

Viva la France!

Anna Voy Kunith :

the game was fixed !!!

Graem McGavin :

yes a loooooot

Nele Mueller-Stofen :

I can't believe that but they will be back for sure.

Melissa Lindquist :

Yes, I am surprised!

Katrin Terstegen :

No , I thought it was 45% for France and 55% for Brazil.

Kirsten Dunst :

You should be Logical , pal , Remember the game between Ukraine and the Swiss , silly ending , huh ? ! ?

Lauren German :

I am VERY surprised Brazil lost- I said with so much confidence that Brazil was gonna win. . . . .Usually, I predicted right for the quarter-final matches. I said Germany was going to win and they did, and I said Italy was going to win and I did. . .unfortunetly, it didn't work out for Brazil and I'm very disappointed becuase they were my favorite and idolized team. . . . . .I hope there are others who found it disappointing too! :(

Stefanie Petsch :

No, I knew france would win.

Isabelle Willer :

France is one of the best team in the world

Diana Kent :

Allez france!

Nikki Arlyn :

I wanted to watch Brazil-Argentina but since they both lost it's even tho im surprised

Karen Lamm :

I am absolutely shocked and haertbroken! They were my team!!! They have such good players too like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, etc. Too bad, it would have been nice for them to get another title.

Sativa Rose :

And the thing is, they only lost by a point!!! Zidane is a pretty good player, even though he's getting old.

Dana Ivgy :

I don't know how anyone could not be surprised Brazil didn't win! Even if you support the French team, they couldn't have really expected to win!! This is a fluke, or a sign of the apocalypse or something.

Marine Chapuis :

In a way because everyone expects a lot from there.. they are made up of many of great players with their talent and their potential they were expected to win the world cup. They are expected to excell. In my opinion this year wasn't meant for Brazil.. They had no eagerness to win. They are made of many indivuduals that want to do everything themselves. With all the talent they have they are expected more. France showed a great game. They might not have as many "well known" players but still managed to get on top..

Margrit Evelyn Newton :

Brazil had won 5 times they should let others win.But it is very sad that the world cup is going to be taken by europe I was really hoping for any latin america team to take it..

Barbara Kottmeier :


Kat Dennings :

dont be, france always beat brazil

Jerri Hayes :

Yes I am!! ................... I'm Really Sad :-(

Valerie Koch :

I'm not surprised, I predicted it, most of people didn't believe it.

Kathryn Witt :

ugh stupid france brazil all the way man it barley came to my thaughts to think brazil was going to lose man ughh stupid france

Luna Sentz :


Elizabeth Gracen :


Emmanuelle Beart :

They did not play any of the big teams till today with France.

Maria Aura :

I knew France will win because 8 years ago won Brazil 3-0

Darlene Colaiuta :

Brazil has hard time to score in the way France plays.France plays same game as Brazil, and Brazilian players get confused and disorganized. That's why France won.

Cheryl Grunwald :

Where are the Brazilian STARS -is the question ?!?!

Erica Fairchild :

Surprised yes, but shocked no. I thought that the French defense would wear down but they showed that the best defense is a strong offense. The Brazilian weren't allowed to get comfortable. Zidane showed why he's one of the greatest of all-times.

Corinne Dacla :

Yes, i'm absolutely surprised

Laura Dern :

Yes.Though I didnot want Brazil to win the cup it never crossed my mind that France would beat them today.

Bebe Neuwirth :

Not really, France beat Brazil 3-0 in 2 world cups ago

Fotos De Chicas

Patsy Kensit :

can anyone get me the lyrics to the song "i write sins not tragedies" from Panic At The Disco

Cybill Shepherd :

Oh, well imagine; as I'm pacing the pews in a church corridor,

Regina Russell :

and I can't help but to hear, no I can't help but to hear an exchanging of words.

Yvette Ward :

"What a beautiful wedding!", "What a beautiful wedding!" says a bridesmaid to a waiter.

Michelle Rodriguez :

"And yes, but what a shame, what a shame, the poor groom's bride is a whore."

Vali Ashton :

I'd chime in with a "Haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door?!"

Cynthia Myers :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

Erika Eleniak :

I'd chime in "Haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door?!"

Penelope Milford :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of...

Bik Wing Chung :

Well in fact, well I'll look at it this way, I mean technically our marriage is saved

Anna Galiena :

Well this calls for a toast, so pour the champagne

Gabrielle Reece :

Oh! Well in fact, well I'll look at it this way, I mean technically our marriage is saved

Amber Lea Weston :

Well this calls for a toast, so pour the champagne, pour the champagne

Kathleen Tolan :

I'd chime in with a "Haven't you people ever heard of closing

Nikki Schieler Ziering :

the god damn door?!"

Yael Abecassis :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

Lavinia Wilson :

I'd chime in "Haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door?!"

Jenny Foulds :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

Natalie Carr :


Brigit Forsyth :

I'd chime in "Haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door?!"

Anne Caillere :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

Patsy Kensit :

I'd chime in "Haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door?!"

Charlie Waterman :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

Sarah Badel :


Madchen Amick :

You know, you CAN Google these things...Search for I write sins not tragedies lyrics. Saves a lot of time.

Monika Gabriel :

Go To "" Look Up Panic At The Disco And Look For The Song. :D!

Nadege Beausson-Diagne :

Oh, well imagine, as I'm pacing the pews in a church corridor,

Jacqueline Bowman :

and I can't help but to hear, no I can't help but to hear an exchanging of words:

Ines Rivero :

"What a beautiful wedding! What a beautiful wedding!" says a bridesmaid to a waiter.

Chantal Nobel :

"And yes, but what a shame, what a shame, the poor groom's bride is a whore."

Julia Sorel :

I'd chime in with a "Haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?!"

Nikita Lea :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

Valentina Cervi :

I'd chime in, "Haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?!"

Kaori Taylor :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of...

Annick Blancheteau :

Well in fact, well I'll look at it this way, I mean technically our marriage is saved

Alice Davis :

Well this calls for a toast, so pour the champagne

Deborah Brayshaw :

Oh! Well in fact, well I'll look at it this way, I mean technically our marriage is saved

Christina Milian :

Well this calls for a toast, so pour the champagne, pour the champagne

Alice Fredlund :

I'd chime in with a "Haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?!"

Petra Verkaik :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

Gruschenka Stevens :

I'd chime in, "Haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?!"

Sonja Kerskes :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

Rosa Gamiz :


Josie Bell :

I'd chime in, "Haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?!"

Cecila Yui :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

Rita Lengyel :

I'd chime in, "Haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?!"

Lucia Moniz :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

Luisa de los Rios :


Christine Boisson :

Oh, well imagine; as I'm pacing the pews in a church corridor,

Bettina Hoppe :

and I can't help but to hear, no I can't help but to hear an exchanging of words.

Ane Dahl Torp :

"What a beautiful wedding!", "What a beautiful wedding!" says a bridesmaid to a waiter.

Deborah Kerr :

"And yes, but what a shame, what a shame, the poor groom's bride is a whore."

Shannon Malone :

Hook : I'd chime in with a "Haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door?!"

Adriana Vega :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

Missi Pyle :

I'd chime in "Haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door?!"

Holly Near :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of...

Arielle Kebbel :

Well in fact, well I'll look at it this way, I mean technically our marriage is saved

Jennifer Leak :

Well this calls for a toast, so pour the champagne

Corinne Dacla :

Oh! Well in fact, well I'll look at it this way, I mean technically our marriage is saved

Kristine Greco :

Well this calls for a toast, so pour the champagne, pour the champagne

Herma Vos :

Hook x2

Stephanie Blake :

I'd chime in "Haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door?!"

Lynn Harris :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

Jewel DeNyle :

I'd chime in "Haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door?!"

Emmanuelle Beart :

No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.

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Heather Medway :

Give Me One Question In ISLAM Have no answer and i'll be christian !!

Laura Hayes :

What now? What are you talking about?

Leslie Slater :

Will you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior today?

Eva Husson :

Are you asking Christians to prove you wrong? Okay, well where did the koran originate from? I believe the answer to that is the Bible--how do I know that? Because thats what your fellow muslims have told me. How can you claim islam is real if it originated from my religion? Your religion is not authentic..why believe in it?

Caro Lenssen :

WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Makes no sense.

Solange Nguyen :

Peace be upon you as well...The TRUE PEACE of Jesus Christ.

Jane Damian :

Do you mean a question FROM the Islam teachings or TO the Islam teachings?

Zara Taylor :

Please clarify.

Jacqueline Lovell :

Well, there is someone above me who is saying that the Quran orignated from the bible. WRONG. N those who said it r wrong too. People say that all the sceintifc facts in the Quran r taken from somewhere else. But U can't find it in the Bible or anywhere, that the sun rotates in its own place n the earth n all the other stars n everything revolve around it. N this is just ONE point. So? Answer is, that The Almighty, the Divine Creator is the author of this book. The Holy Quran.

Lavinia Wilson :

What kind of a stupid question is that?

Jennifer Brooks :

When is the day of the Lord? Where is the ark of the covenant? When was the world crated? What day was the birth of Christ on? What color is heaven? What's a pinkle?

Veronique Jannot :

I recommend u not to search for christian people and ask them this question coz they WON'T reply!!! Be proud of ur religion and don't THINK EVER to convert to any other reigion!! Islam is the best relgion ever and u don't have to proove that! Just ignore and trust ur religion...God bless and peace be upon u too...

Debbie Nassar :

Christianity is not in need of moslim followers! WE ALL HAVE NOTHING IN remain what you really are if you have pride in your faith. WE CHRISTIANS HAVE STRONG+UNBEATABLE FAITH ON OUR

Christine Boisson :


Melissa Elias :

1) Question, Can you answer why Christians suffered from moslims until death and never changed their faith?

Lavinia Wilson :

if you have the answer then I guess you are welcome to our religion...which I am sure YOU ARE NOT CAPABLE TO ANSWER NOR TO BE A take a hike moslim!

Victoria Principal :

How has the Jewish people been able to keep their identity despite many years without a nation? I have more questions, but I know how much most muslims hate the jews. I saw a map of the middle east that was made in the middle east, Israel was named palestine instead of Israel, as if to not even acknowledge their existence. Try to kill them or speak out against them all you want. They are still Gods chosen people and Isaac was the true child of promise not Ishmael.

Tamia :

If you would base your faith upon one question, I would second guess your sincerity of choosing Christ. Besides if you were seriously contemplating the salvation experience you would also be considering the value of your physical life and spirtual life . The Koran states ( paraphrasing ) that if you choose a different god other than Allah and Mohamed then your are to be killed. So my dear freind either way you are going to loose your life, because Christians must " die to themeslves". Are really prepared to die for choosing Christ ?

Elisa Donovan :

Honestly, I have not yet seen Muslims missed an answer when intellectually challenged. They always do have answer to anything under the sun. But in the effort to defend the belief, many have shown garbled and confusing answers and worse, everything is justified. So, why should I even think of standing to the challenge when I can predictably expect the kind of answers I'll get. It will certainly be such a waste of time.

Alma Delfina :

Where did The God of the Bible come from? Allah was the old sun god that is called the true god by Islam. 2 Corinthians 4: 4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

Joy Bryant :

Do you dare call God "Father?"

Lynda Day George :

Surah 112. The Unity, Sincerity, Oneness Of Allah

Roxanne Michaels :


Emanuela Folliero :

1. Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;

Mirta Miller :

2. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;

Alice Fredlund :

3. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;

Francesca Guillen :

4. And there is none like unto Him.

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Marisa Berenson :

why is the sky blue

Katharina Wilberg :

because is not red

Mirka Madnadraszky :

why did you ask that question?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Jewel Kilcher :

scientific answer:

Jennifer Gayle :

the way the atmosphere reflects the light, it reflects in that spectrum. The way the light bounces off that and into our eyes, it makes it blue.

Kei Mizutani :

The sky is not really blue.

Ina Paule Klink :

Actually, color is nonexistant. Our eyes just reflect the light in a way that life's colorful.

Bik Wing Chung :

Some more than others, as color blind peoples' eyes do not reflect the same amount of light or reflect in the same way as everyone else.

Anita Caprioli :

Color is a frequency of light. If you take a prism and shine light through it, it will break the light into different colors, or frequencies of light. ROY G BIV (Red, Orange Yellow, etc).

Inday Ba :

When light passes through the atmosphere, white light passes through it. Because of the properties in the atmosphere, it filters out blue light waves and allows us to see it. Without light, we would see nothing, no colors, not shades, no nothing.

Sally Hawkins :

Just like an apple is red, when light bounces off the apple, only red will reflect, whereas the other colors of the spectrum will be absorbed into the apple's surface. Same thing is happening in the sky.

Veronica Roberts :

Hope that helps. This is a very simple explanation.

Vicki Darnell :


Lacey Kohl :

The blue color of the sky is due to Rayleigh scattering. As light moves through the atmosphere, most of the longer wavelengths pass straight through. Little of the red, orange and yellow light is affected by the air.

Nikki Schieler Ziering :

However, much of the shorter wavelength light is absorbed by the gas molecules. The absorbed blue light is then radiated in different directions. It gets scattered all around the sky. Whichever direction you look, some of this scattered blue light reaches you. Since you see the blue light from everywhere overhead, the sky looks blue.

Luan Peters :

As you look closer to the horizon, the sky appears much paler in color. To reach you, the scattered blue light must pass through more air. Some of it gets scattered away again in other directions. Less blue light reaches your eyes. The color of the sky near the horizon appears paler or white.

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Gloria Brittain :

How do I figure how many 2x6's I ned to wrap a round pen 50' across

Barbara Rey :

figure the Perimeter (feet around the pen) then devide this into the legnths of the 2 x 6's usually 8 feet long i believe. this will give you the number you need.

Moe Ishikawa :

for example a pen that is 50 across and 25 ft like a rectangle would be 150 Ft total around. devide 150 by 8 feet long 2 x 6 150 devided by 8 = 18.75 so you would need 19 2x6's at 8 feet long

Natali Broods :

if you are wrapping top and bottom then you need to multiply 19 by 2 = 38 total. but then you would need some for support and this would be added by measuring from top to bottom of the pen and then multiplying the total number you need by the feet from top to bottom and then deviding that number by 8. wow this is probably more confusing then anything. i sure hope this is a hypothetical question lol

Bianca Rocilili :

If your pen is round, then the circumference is about 157 feet. Assuming you are building a fence of some kind, decide on how far apart you want to put your posts, how many 2x6's you need between posts, and don't forget to subtract the length of the gate from the original circumference.

Aunjanue Ellis :

For example, if you decide you need three 2x6's to a section, you want eight feet per section, and your gate is ten feet wide, you are looking at 147 feet of fence divided into 18 eight-foot sections (with an extra three feet to take care of...maybe a short section near the gate, or a small gate opposite the main gate). Multiply the 18 by three boards per section and you'll need 54 8-foot 2x6's (plus a ten-foot piece if you want to make that extra three feet into a short section).

Heather Victoria :

(of course you'll have to buy some posts, too...I'd recommend something in the 4x4 range...20 pieces in the above example...length determined by how high you want the fence, and how deep you want to dig to set the posts.)

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Melissa Lechner :

Pease help if you can!!!!!!!

Clara Rainbow :

I know the song but not what part he sings.

Simone Thomalla :

Go to then look up Fall Out Boys and then pick the album and song you want and it will give you lyrics.

Tracy Tweed : should be of help to you.

Rachel Roberts :

Here are the lyrics, but it doesn't say who is singing what part. (sorry)

Tonya Lawson :

This has been said so many times that I'm not sure if it matters

Lourdes Elizarraras :

but We never stood a chance

Minh-Khai Phan-Thi :

And I'm not sure if it matters

Tatyana Ali :

If you are the shores, I am the waves begging for big moons

Isabel Schosnig :

I?m mailing letters to addresses in a ghost town

Marisa Mell :

Your secret's out

Nancy Pimental :

I know this hurts, it was meant to (it was meant to)

Edita Brychta :

Your secret's out and the best part is it isn't even a good one

E Katherine Kerr :

And it's mind over (you don't) matter

Lada Boder :

This has been said so many times that I'm not sure if it matters

Maria Aura :

But it must be said again that all us boys are just screaming

Cybill Shepherd :

Into microphones for attention

Tracy Cunliffe :

Because we're just so bored (oh, oh, oh)

Sylvia Bayo :

We never knew that you would pick it apart, oh

Amy Adams :

I'm falling apart to songs about hips and hearts

Sascha Knopf :

Your secret's out

Tracey Wilkinson :

I know this hurts, it was meant to (it was meant to)

Agata Lys :

Your secret's out and the best part is it isn't even a good one

Cordelia Bugeja :

And it's mind over (you don't) matter

Rizza Rossini :

I used to obsess over living,

Jake-Ann Jones :

Now I only obsess over you

Katja Bienert :

Tell me you'd like boys like me better

Nicola Warren :

In the dark lying on top of you

Jeanette Arndt :

This has been said so many times that I'm not sure if it matters

Tammy Parks :

From day one I talked about getting out

Eva Aichmajerova :

But not forgetting about

Susana Traverso :

How all my worst fears are letting out

Nadine Seiffert :

He said "Why put a new address on the same old lonliness?"

Lauren German :

When breathing just passes the time

Julie Strain :

Until we all just get old and die

Keiko Matsuzaka :

Now talking's just a waste of breath

Jessica Brytn Flannery :

And living's just a waste of death

Cara Seymour :

And why put a new address on the same old lonliness?

Julia Blankenburg :

and this is you and me and me and you

Alexandra Sycluna :

until we've got nothing left

Susan Pari :


Vanessa Howard :

12. Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do

Beth Ann Riggio :

Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop

Alejandra Marin :

Going To Shows)

Hemma Clementi :

This has been said so many times that I'm not sure if it matters

Donna Air :

We never stood a chance

Barbara Patrick :

And I'm not sure if it matters

Christine Boisson :

If you are the shores, I am the waves begging for big moons

Amy Desta :

I'm mailing letters to addresses in a ghost town

Rosemary Murphy :

I know this hurts, it was meant to

Linda Carpenter :

Your secret's out and the best part is it isn't even a good one

Kristin Dattilo :

And it's mind over (you don't) matter

Crystal Smith :

This has been said so many times that I'm not sure if it matters

Susie Amy :

But it must be said again that all us boys are just screaming

Tia Carrere :

Into microphones for attention

Yael Abecassis :

Because we're just so bored

Kym Shirkani :

I never knew that you would pick it apart, oh

Susie Hall :

I'm falling apart to songs about hips and hearts

Caroline Bourg :

I used to obsess over living,

Paola Tedesco :

Now I only obsess over you

Sybil Danning :

Tell me you'd like boys like me better

Vivica Taylor :

In the dark lying on top of you

Rennay London-Simes :

This has been said so many times that I'm not sure if it matters

Flore Vannier-Moreau :

*Not sure which part you mean

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Clara Rainbow :

Will the world ever end

Sara Martins :

Hopefully not in my lifetime.

Simone Bendix :

Hopefully when it does I'll have already exited. Of course everything has a beginning, middle, and yes the world will end.

Sara Cosmi :

if you mean the world in general(earth) then yess,,, if you mean the world as in like universe and god and stuff then prob no.

Marieke Bruggmann :

Of Course it will

Moira Brooker :

You haven't noticed our path of destruction? Self destruction?

Karine Belly :

In my opinion the world will evolve. I don't think it will end.

Emma Adele Galvin :

Yes the sun is growing every day. sometime in the future its circumference will be further out than mars.

Kasia Ostlun :


Ellen Page :

Lets hope so I've got $50 on next February.

Charlie Waterman :

Do you want it to I hope not

Esther Hausmann :

If you can not live on the earth

Nicole Gian :

what make the other earth any

Nadia Gray :


Maria Lucia Dahl :

Hopefully after I'm dead but then it would not matter cause I would be dieing anyway.

Michele Brin :

Yes eventaully the world will end because without sun the world will die and sun is a star and stars eventually die out. The sun is made of helium and hydrogen. its juts like a big ball of fire ventuallyi it will go out.

Doris Kunstmann :

if the war puts off one of those nuclear bomes then yes it will end

Beverly Powers :

Sooner than you think. The old bumper sticker saying suddenly comes to mind. "Whether you think there is a hell or you don't, you'd better be right"

Kathleen Tolan :


Anita Sanders :

Yes...but not any time soon.

Jessica Brytn Flannery :

Yes everything has a beginning and then a end.

Sally Kirkland :

The Sun can't last foreever.

Miriam Diaz Aroca :

The world will end one day.Eveything has a beginning and an end.Our sun will burn out in a few billion years eventually becoming a black hole.All matter in its vicinity will be absorbed but life on Earth will have been extinguished long before.

Carmelina Encinas :

Yes the world will end one day because it is the prophecy that is in the Bible,if you go to Revelation it will tell you everything about the end of the world that is when everybody is going to be judged by God,which his Son Jesus is coming back

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Beverly DAngelo :

how old are the pussycat dolls

Paige Turner :

The Pussycat Dolls began as an all-female burlesque group created by choreographer Robin Antin in 1993. Their first live performance took place at the Viper Room in Los Angeles in 1995. Carmen Electra was one of the lead dancers. The Pussycat Dolls' stage act has always followed the classic tradition of burlesque, a sexual performance that focuses on tease, humor and innuendo instead of raunchy sex and bare flesh.

Danielle Hubbard :

Through the years the Pussycat Dolls have featured guest appearances by a wide range of celebrities. Britney Spears once joined the Pussycat Dolls in a performance for her brother Bryan's birthday, and Pink included the Pussycat Dolls in her video for the song "Trouble." Other "guest" Dolls through the years have included Gwen Stefani, Christina Applegate, Charlize Theron and the "angels" in the movie Charlie's Angels : Full Throttle.

Azizi Johari :

In late 2003 Robin Antin decided to start from scratch and conducted open auditions to create a new troupe of Pussycat Dolls that would ultimately be part of a musical project. Nicole Kea (aka Scherzinger), formerly of the band Eden's Crush, winners of Popstars, an American Idol precursor, became the group's lead vocalist. Music business veteran Jimmy Iovine was brought in as an executive producer alongside Antin and A&M Records president Ron Fair.

Marta Torne :

In April 2005 the Pussycat Dolls took their next steps forward in the entertainment business. The Pussycat Dolls Lounge at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas was opened as a permanent venue for the Pussycat Dolls stage act. Later in the month the group's first single "Don't Cha" was released to radio and retail. It included a guest performance from rap star Busta Rhymes. In classic Pussycat Dolls style it features the teasing line "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?" The single reached #1 on the pop singles chart in late July.

Rosemary Vandebrouck :

The Pussycat Dolls proved they were not a one-hit wonder when the single "Stickwitu" became the group's second #1 hit single in the U.K. and made its way to #2 on the U.S. pop singles chart.

Ria Pavia :

Nicole Kea (lead vocalist) is 27 yrs old

Josephine Byrnes :

Carmit Bachar is 31 yrs old

Stefania Rocca :

Ashley Roberts is 24 yrs old

Mariana Gaja :

Melody Thornton is 21 yrs old

Chloe Newsome :

I cannot find the ages for both Kimberly Wyatt and Jessica Sutta. I guess they have not been revealed.

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